Buy Tickets to the Dolphins vs Jaguars Game on December 23, 2018

The Martin County Jaguars have been authorized to sell tickets for the Miami Dolphins vs the Jacksonville Jaguars on December 23, 2018 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.  We have already sold quite a few, but have plenty available.  These tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  Due to the large crowd interested in attending to benefit our amazing players, we will be spread out over a few sections.

For the Upper Level Seats, our tickets will be in sections 329, 335, 336, 305, 308, 301, and 356, (rows based on availability from 23-30), Lower Levels, our seats are in section 129 rows 22-24 (but we do not have a guarantee on where yet because the Miami Dolphins are trying to keep our organization together as best as possible but can only do that once they know the exact number of tickets we sell).  While we are promised a set number of tickets, we can get more should we need them and it appears we might!!

From the board at the Martin County Jaguars, we want to thank everyone involved, including our board members Heather and Ben Joynes for starting and running a great football organization that focuses on our children and families, Nicole “Niki” Mayer for helping and donating the website and marketing efforts that you are seeing everywhere, and Krista Harvey for always being there in a pinch to help with anything and running concession during our season.  Thank you to all the coaches, team moms and general volunteers who go out there and spread the message of how awesome the Martin County Jaguars are! Thank you to the players for working hard and pushing through every drill and exhausting practice.  And Last BUT not least, thank you to our amazing community of Martin County for providing us the ability to offer football to kids from anywhere in our county who want to play through your generous donations.

We have huge plans this season to increase our donations, community involvement, and earn some new equipment.  The donations we earn during this fundraiser will go toward our huge goals of starting a mentoring program for our players.  We have a plan to create this mentoring program for homework help, transportation assistance and coordination, accountability, responsibility, learning to find and get help when you need it and so much more.

Help us make this a reality by donating to this cause, purchasing Dolphins Tickets and/or donating your time.  Our football players have the unique ability to let a lot of their pain go on the field and we have seen so many kids prosper from youth football programs like the incredible programs we have here in Martin County. One thing the Martin County Jaguars hope to do is provide a place to help the children who are not getting their basic needs met. With the help of this amazing community, we believe we can accomplish this goal and so much more.

Thank you again for buying tickets and being a part of our community and MC Jaguars family.  If you run into any issues with this order form, please let us know in the comments below.  Niki will be monitoring the comments and getting back to you as quickly as possible if you have questions or feedback.  Thank you and Go Martin County Jaguars.