Registration is Open

It’s that time again! The Martin County Jaguars Youth Spring Football League has opened up its registration to all new and returning youth football players.  Now is the time to get signed up for the season with online early registration available as well as, online payment plans and electronic forms to come very soon. Signing your child up for football has never been easier.

With the Martin County Jaguars, our boys (and girls) are between the ages of 6 and 15 and our players don’t have to meet weight guidelines to play.  If your child is older and lighter, it is possible they can move down for their protection and your peace of mind.  It is important to understand that the Jaguars are a competitive youth football league meaning if your child hasn’t played tackle football before, not only will they learn, but for their own protection, our coaches will not put them on the field until they are ready. furthermore, competitive youth sports has an informal try-out where players will display their talents and earn their positions.  If your child ever wants to play competitively in the future, the Martin County Jaguars will train them to play hard and earn the position because, in the future, they won’t have a choice.

We believe that the process of training hard and learning healthy competition are great life lessons. Having to earn your spot on the team creates a sense of accomplishment, getting involved in practice creates a sense of responsibility, and learning to work as a team creates a sense of character, trust, and morale for many years to come. Martin County Jaguars Spring Youth Football League focuses on building unity and team spirit on and off the field.  There are lots of volunteer opportunities to enjoy from team car washes, fundraisers and so much more. When the season is over, each one of our children will receive a trophy for all their hard work because regardless of their position on the team, they all train exceptionally hard and earn that trophy entirely.  In addition, the end of the year BBQ/Trophy Ceremony is a blast!

Youth football parents are a huge family. We have our ups and downs but we come together when it matters most. As football parents, we spend a lot of time on the field with our boys and it sets the tone for lasting friendships. Besides, football parents are the only parents who can say “HIT SOMEONE” and get away with it 😉

If you are new to football, join us and see what football is like. Your child will learn the competitive tackle football style and make friends for life. Football is an American Sport and it is fun! Our boys truly enjoy every moment of being on the field (even when they complain during the conditioning and practices). Football builds muscle and gets your children off the video games and outside. Spring football is a lot more enjoyable because you don’t have to miss Thursday night football, not as much rain or bugs, the teams are smaller with 8 on 8 so its easier to score some points, and the kids are well into the school year so you aren’t forced to juggle new schedules. For the parents involved in Spring Youth Football, there isn’t a question that the season is a lot more manageable then the Fall seasons, although most of us play both.

If you have been with us previously, then we are so stoked to see you again this year.  Also, you will notice that we have made some great improvements since last year and hope to have a more seamless season. In addition, this year is going to be great with the new website, some new coaches and new players.  No matter what happens, the Martin County Jaguars are beyond blessed to have the amazing sponsors, board members, parents and players we have had and will have.  This football family is only going to improve with time.  We are ready to get out there and enjoy the season. The best part about Spring football is that the weather is AWESOME!! See you on the field and…


PS: If you have any pictures or videos from last year, please go to our post about uploading pictures and send us your pictures!! We will add them to the website and Facebook page so everyone who plays will be able to share in the joy of them!